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Animal Welfare Legislation

“At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst.” – Aristotle

Our Vision states: “A more responsible and accountable society where animal rights are protected and upheld by law”. Without a fair and effective legislation to protect the weak and defenseless there can be no civilized society.

This is why Forgotten Animals is working to end animal suffering through lobbying the Duma (Russian Parliament) and related government institutes. By lobbying, we mean persuading individuals or groups with decision-making power, providing them with drafts, materials and examples of effective, humane and functioning Animal-Related legislation in other countries and developing proposals for federal and regional laws that are implementable and viable in practice, not just in theory.


We draft and lobby our bill proposals based on thorough researsh and scientific materials taking into consideration ethical aspects and best practices of progressive countries with advanced legislation covering human-animal interaction.

Since Day 1, we have been promoting viable animal-related legislative proposals on both federal and regional levels, taking into consideration circumstances and available resources.

Our current legislative work includes:

Within the frame of our Improving Veterinary Standards Programme Forgotten Animals is an active participant of the Duma working group “On improving the regulatory framework in the field of veterinary medicine”. Learn more about bringing anesthesia back to veterinary in Russia. Learn more.


Continue reading to get the full picture on the state of affairs in the field of animal-related legislation in Russia.

National Legislation

Under the Article 137 of Civil Code of the Russian Federation, general rules regarding private property, also apply to animals. This means that within the country’s legal system animals are qualified as inanimate objects and no consideration appears to be given to animal sentience.

Article 245 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation contains a provision addressing cruelty to animals. The article is comprehensive enough to cover all animals, but its content has restrictions in its application. Cruelty is not defined, but rather refers to two potential outcomes: injury or death of the animal and is addressed by law only in these three cases:

This erases the possibility to prosecute animal abuse in 99% of the cases.

International Law 

Russian Government has still not pledged it’s support for the Universal Declaration on Animal WelfareThe Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare is an agreement among people and nations to recognize that animals are complex sentient beings and can feel and suffer, to respect their welfare needs, and to end animal cruelty and abuse – once and for all. An expression of support for the UDAW demonstrates a government’s commitment to working with the international community to improve animal welfare. As of today, the Russian government has not yet expressed any desire to improve animal welfare standards in the country.

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