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Wild Animals Projects

Wild animals kept in captivity, such as the majority of zoos, dolphinaria, circuses, petting zoos and private ownership often are victims of abuse and neglect, caused by a number of reasons: from lack of knowledge and awareness to greed and ineffective legislation. Living conditions in most captive facilities do not resemble natural habitats at the slightest and can be summed up as solitary animals in small, often filthy cages fed inadequate diet with little to no enrichment. Many display severe stereotypic behaviour, such as pacing and swaying, biting on the cage, hurting themselves. Most of them receive no medical care and suffer from injuries and diseases that are left untreated, causing them severe pain and distress.

Often they are cruelly declawed and defanged, to tame them and make them easy to handle and less dangerous for human contact. Little cubs torn away from their mothers to be pet by petting zoo visitors for a selfie. Animals are chained and used as photo props for tourists and anawere public, not to speak about cruel training techniques used on circus animals. Terrified animals used as live bait to train hunting dogs, mama bears still nurturing their cubs killed by hunters, leaving their little ones to starve in the wild, wild animals injured by illegal poachers and trappers. The list goes on…

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