Currently, the average price for neutering a companion animal in Russia can reach up to the 1/3 of the monthly salary, even more for people with lower income. Together with the nearly complete lack of the social norm that dictates spaying and neutering as something a responsible pet owner MUST do the high cost of the procedure remains the main reason preventing people from doing it.

During our last Neutering Campaign in Astrakhan, that took place from March 2014 till autumn 2016, 20 cats and dogs have been neutered per month, on average. The Campaign also helped to raise the popularity of the procedure among the citizens. Word of mouth does wonders, when happy pet owners stop having to worry what to do with the continuous litters from their unspayed and unneutered pets. The unwanted kittens and puppies don’t end up being given out or sold like unwanted furniture on filthy street animal markets, like on the picture below. For the former stray and shelter animals being neutered is like winning a lottery, as it considerably rises their chances to be adopted.

Apart from continuous Neutering Campaigns, that we hope resume in the near future, Astrakhan is one of the cities that uses our Humane Education materials and guides for school children helping to foster a more responsible and compassionate generations.

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